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Secure databases in 2 weeks

For most organisations, databases are repositories of their most valuable information. They contain financial data, intellectual property, contracts, business plans, and personal data requiring special protection under the new EU law (GDPR). Databases are also the main target of cyber-criminals.

Providing comprehensive database security requires a complex project, implementation of Database Firewall (DBFW) and a time-consuming adjustment of this security system. The difficulty of this project stems from the need to accurately pinpoint vulnerable data (databases, tables, columns) and the need to define users' access permissions to specific data.

Database protection within a short time frame is possible with Imperva CounterBreach software, which uses advanced analytics and machine learning to significantly accelerate the implementation of DBFW.

In the security project and the whole process of security management of vulnerable data within an organisation, Imperva CounterBreach offers the following benefits:

  1. Almost instant information about a security incident in a database (e.g. suspicious events, an employee is viewing large batches of data at an unusual time or is operating from an unknown IP address or account, etc.).
  2. DBFW security policies are created in a couple of days. DBFW policies are created from incidents occurring right after the initial profiling process (7 days). In real implementation of DBFW, formulating appropriate vulnerable data protection policies is quite troublesome. Using CounterBreach makes that much easier and quicker.
  3. Security administrators can focus on the incidents connected with a specific data category (e.g. personal data). They can do that thanks to the integration of CounterBreach with the data classification engine in Imperva Database Activity Monitoring (DAM). DAM results are readable by CounterBreach.
  4. Security of vulnerable data is ensured before defining the detailed users' access permissions in the databases. To that end, CounterBreach utilises User Behavior Analytics (UBA) which allows it to detect security incidents on the basis of users' behaviours.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the capabilities of Imperva solutions.

Programme Supervisor: Michał Putała

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